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Water Analysis. Anywhere.

WaterLink® DataMate Web is a cloud-based pool and spa water analysis system.

Connect all of your retail locations and mobile service technicians together with one database of customers, complete with test history and detailed treatment recommendations to keep pools and spas consistently crystal clear.

Access DataMate Web from any PC, tablet or mobile device with a connection to the internet.

Customer data, pool and spa water test history and equipment are all stored in the cloud.

Detailed water analysis reports provide step-by-step treatment instructions and calculated dosages to keep pools and spas balanced.

Fully customize the chemical products so DataMate Web only recommends what you actually sell.

Connect with a WaterLink® Spin

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DataMate Web is compatible with the WaterLink® Spin Lab. Connect one to your PC for in-store testing or take one of our new Mobile WaterLink® Spin labs into the field for an unprecedented level of poolside water analysis.

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Get the app and connect your Mobile WaterLink® Spin lab with the latest Android® and iOS® devices.

Learn to use DataMate Web

These videos provide step-by-step instructions to use the most important aspects of DataMate  Web. Give them a watch now or check them out after you sign up to help get your bearings!

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