DataMate Web 15.1 Patch Notes


  • [DMW-89] - Left Align Logo on top banner
  • [DMW-125] - Improve customer import feature to support larger file sizes
  • [DMW-162] - Fix an issue where Bromine does not show up in the water test report test grid
  • [DMW-163] - Prevent the creation of user accounts with duplicate usernames
  • [DMW-164] - Prevent the user from disabling the "Dealer" role from the primary account
  • [DMW-171] - Fix a crash when the subscription is cancelled and user pushes "manage subscription"
  • [DMW-175] - Fix a crash when deleting customers with equipment
  • [DMW-177] - Fix the "below min" arrows on the water test report
  • [DMW-178] - Fix a bug where bromine would not display on the test report grid
  • [DMW-231] - Fix a bug that prevented Reset password
  • [DMW-238] - Added "Switch to Desktop View" and "Switch to Mobile View" buttons on the login page


  • [DMW-166] - Remove non-functional "Doorhanger text" field from the chemical product entry
  • [DMW-180] - Change the "technician" on the doorhanger to show the name not the email address
  • [DMW-235] - Add Text about 30 day free trial on subscription screen

New Feature

  • [DMW-70] - Reports: customers who have NOT had tests
  • [DMW-79] - Default Temp on test entry screen
  • [DMW-92] - Salt and CLGen use same product text
  • [DMW-120] - Add toggle for test factor grid on Door Hanger
  • [DMW-158] - Refreshed design for door hanger and add formatting for gmail, yahoo, and outlook
  • [DMW-172] - Change the functionality of the Remember Me box to maintain the username
  • [DMW-181] - Add a company contact email address to Location
  • [DMW-217] - Added support contact information for US and AU support teams
  • [DMW-222] - Assign Dispatcher and Mobile Technician roles
  • [DMW-228] - Add Opt Out option on Doorhangers
  • [DMW-229] - Add Opt Out of option on Water Test Report Emails
  • [DMW-230] - Add opt out check boxes (and DB settings) to the customer UI
  • [DMW-233] - Adjust layout of printed water test report and support for A4 paper size