DataMate Web 14.4 Patch Notes


  • [DMW-4] - Spin button on test entry page does not respond to disabled attribute
  • [DMW-24] - shorten Manage subscription process
  • [DMW-99] - Door Hanger: reference proper text
  • [DMW-101] - in "dealer" view, changing a chemical product displays the "reason for change" box
  • [DMW-127] - Return to PIN verification page if closing/leaving page before entering PIN
  • [DMW-138] - Fix a bug when testing via Waterlink Connect 100 series disc that transfers a -1 test result for Borate
  • [DMW-154] - Fix a bug where dealer location address information is not retained
  • [DMW-155] - Fix a bug where customer contact information is missing from the water test report
  • [DMW-156] - Fix a bug on the water test report where "site name" is populated with the assigned profile


  • [DMW-109] - Add Advanced Subscription Management


  • [DMW-22] - Combined Chlorine Calculation
  • [DMW-102] - New Customer Workflow - Site address fields need to be added
  • [DMW-104] - Add technician account recovery capabilities
  • [DMW-118] - Change search box rules to 'starts with'
  • [DMW-130] - Account creation: change label for "dealer code" to "Provider Code"
  • [DMW-136] - Modify Header Text for conditions
  • [DMW-157] - Change the treatment order so hardness is dosed after chlorine

New Feature

  • [DMW-55] - Adjusted Alkalinity Toggle
  • [DMW-97] - Allow edit of user data from Admin control
  • [DMW-119] - Add email, print, and back controls for water test report
  • [DMW-133] - Configure email notifications for Recurly
  • [DMW-134] - Add ability for user to update expired credit card
  • [DMW-139] - Create control to route users to customer manage subscription from recurly email
  • [DMW-140] - Add Coupon qualification to manage subscription page


  • [DMW-88] - Multilingual Framework